Friday, November 16, 2012


I was admitted to ward besalin hosp serdang on 13/11/12 as the water has started to broke around 5am without any contraction nor opening..

The 1st contraction occured around 12:30am 14/11/12

Our 1st baby was born yesterday, 14/11/12 @ 5:55 pm in dewan bersalin hospital serdang..

Baby boy, 3.28kg, was straight away admitted to nicu as his breathing reathem is way too fast.. Might be due from infection as water has been broke too early or either he was lemas during pushing as mummy was an incompetent mother.. Huhu..

Hoping that this little cute boy recover very2 soon.. Be strong son! Mummy know you can make it..

YaAllah, bantulah anak kesayangan ku mengharungi dugaan Mu dengan mudah.. Sembuhkanlah die wahai Tuhan yang Maha Pemurah..


  1. will be fine very soon. Baby lot sgt kuat, sbb tu kecik2 Allah dah duga dia. Moga baby membesar dgn sihat sbg anak yg soleh, penyejuk mata lot n ijad insyaallah. Speedy recovery for mummy too. Love - intan.

  2. sgtlah comey. Macam ikut muka mummy je :) - intan


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