Friday, October 5, 2012

New Research Project: DIY pregnant womb

Me and colleague gonna crash test a pregnant lady dummy at 64km/h impact speed.. wiiwiitt.. nervous giler rase sbb macam nak crash diri sendrik.. kui! 

However, to procure a standard pregnant insert, such as MAMA2B from overseas company, require a few weeks for placing order, delivery, shipping and a lot of money gonna be involved.. thus, by referring to other research papers, we DIY-ed our own pregnancy insert (womb) with instrumented fetus.. 

This tomel2 baby doll gonna experience something different 
Ingredients: Cute baby doll, Sealant, Helmet Styrofoam, Sealant gun, Thinner
Fitting test
In the lab
Molding work in progress
Instrumentation, insert accelerometer into the head of the fetus.. add 2kg weight to replicate 3rd trimester fetus
Resting in the silicon cast before we enclose the cast with another half of the silicon and inject Gel to represent amniotic fluid.. 
After this, we gonna replace the original 5th %ile Female dummy's tummy with this 3rd trimester pregnant womb.. Tak sabar nak tengok hasil nye.. Hopefully the crash test akan berjaya ngan success!!


  1. semuga mudah segala urusan..take care :)

    1. InsyaAllah.. nnt nak letak gamba dummy yg tgh pregnant.. wahhh!! excited telebih plak

  2. Best la keje ko bertukang2 ni.. lame dah x buat.. baby comel sgt kesian...

    1. ha ah.. masok opis 2 minggu mati kutu nak buat ape.. dapat job technician bersemangat teros

  3. xjd pegi melaka eh? ke udah selesai ?



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