Monday, February 20, 2012

where's my cek?

i need my dec claim cek.. i'm broke!! totally broke.. hayyoh.. my phone has been barred and no money to pay.. it's already passed mid Feb but my dec claim was not yet finished review or analyse or what ever the finance people do with it to make it printed and handed it to me.. in the pekeliling it was clearly stated 14 working days after we hand over the completed form.. but i try to do the days counting and i gave up..

after sydney trip.. anyone has any idea how to regain my bank akaun?? owh shitomatopizzahutty..

some colleague of mine had already received their January 2012 cek.. shitt....y again..

y am i blabbering on this december cek so many times?? because i did a very massive and multiple trips on december.. to Perlis, to Perak, to Sabah.. i had mendahulukan my own money so no reason no to pay back my money within the time limit.. argh.. i cannot understand y people suke lambat2 bayar hutang.. bukan nye bayar wif their own money pon.. pakai duit kerajaan kot... do they keluarkan duit kerajaan tu from their own personal bank akaun??? nope kan?? so???

hayyo.. i mmg nak memakihamun saje...

ok babai...


  1. sabau2...same lah kite..tgh kering nie...layan makan telur dadar,sayur and kicap jerk lunch tadi..sedihhhh...HAHA..tunggu cek jugakkk..haiyoo

    1. dah penat sabau ngan kerenah begitu.. prof kate nak rombak derang2 ni..

  2. huhh sabau je kaaa kan.... jgn stress2 ok


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