Sunday, January 15, 2012


CABARAN CJB WEEK2 (14-20 hb):

drink drink drink and drink PLAIN WATER (more than 2 L daily)

kalo rajin note laa setiap ari berape liter dah minum..

utk lose a few kg.. dengan cara mudah tak nak susah2 g senam2 sume ni adalah ngan minum air.. ramai antara kita dalam keadaan dehydrated tanpa sedar.. bile dehydrated kita selalu terkompius antara lapar dan haus.. sila bace lebih di sini..: (CLICK)

There are two main reasons so many people are dehydrated these days. We eat less vegetables and fruits (which are water-dense) and more processed foods than we should. And we drink lots of caffeinated beverages instead of water. Caffeinated beverages and alcohol are diuretics. They force more water out of our bodies.

If a person is dehydrated their body compensates by retaining excess water as a protective measure. This alone is responsible for some excess weight. As well, a dehydrated person's metabolism is significantly lower than a normally hydrated person.

Dehydration is responsible for many people's feelings of fatigue. Many people have lost their sense of thirst and mistake it for hunger. Drinking a glass of water will usually greatly reduce any false hunger pangs.

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