Sunday, November 20, 2011

pissed off

from urban dictionary

1. Feeling like you can kill everyone in 1000 mile radius. 

2. When your eyes bulge out and steam comes out from your ear.

3. The feeling that murder is a perfectly acceptable solution to your problems due to anyone and everyone being so bloody annoying.

4. When your mad or angry

5. When people push you and push you and push you and even when it's becoming obvious you're not enjoying what they're doing they fucking persist.

6. Very very annoyed and bored stiff with an act by an individual or individuals. fuming with anger , upset

7. Originating from a mountaineering slang - a climber following the leader on a steep slope would have to put-up with it if the person above needs to relieve himself.

8. Angry or annoyed about something or someone.

9. Angry birds.. 

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