Tuesday, November 29, 2011

help help..

i am being appointed as an EmCee for a workshop that will be held at Flamingo Hotel, Ampang.. please help.. my emcee text is tonggang terbalik.. it's gonna be a packed 2 days workshop that i need to handle.. for this whole day of working i just managed to write a half day emcee text.. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. from welcome note to lunch of 1st day.. dang!!!>.<

helep helep!


  1. penah gak aku jd emcee kt kilang dulu.. and penah lead meeting..mmg tkleh tido satu malam mase first time kene jd emcee.. ko google aa text emcee.. byk kt tenet..

    goodluck lot!!

  2. Hahaha.. Ko kan dah slalu bg ceramah..mcm x biase je :p

  3. huwaaa.. tu bahasa melayu yanti.. huwaa.. i've lost confidence after gave a spinal presentation infront of expert spine doctors.. hahahaha :(

  4. hehehehehe good luck dilot. google sajo

  5. Huwaaa..tq mek..tp sgt limited infomasi d gugel.com..huwaa


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