Friday, October 21, 2011

Celebrate his birthday.. candle light dinner for him

location: Little White Cafe, Seksyen 9, Bandar Baru Bangi
tajuk: English Style Romantic Dinner
peserta: Pn Dilot dan En Ijad
objektif: Meraikan birthday En Ijad yg ke 33..
sponsor: En Ijad's grant (pinjam duit sbb gaji stucked)
inspirasi: Pn Rara (she requested a very big promo on her blog.. so...)  Please Do Visit Pn Rara's Blog yg Majority of her Entries are about Restaurant and Foods that make her weight gained.. hehe..

last 2 weeks we had self served homey romantic dinner.. but that was just a teaser.. this time is the real present for en Ijad's berthday..

table setting.. rose petals are everywhere.. alamak..lupa cilok bunger itew..

bedday boy yg memula konon tanak pegi.. :p

 entrĂ©e.. slice of shushi-like fish and strawberry
salad.. blurry pic.. mashamm sgt gravy die
broccoli soup wif garlic bread.. i tot it was asparagus..  nice, tp org kampung kata muak :p

complementary.. sparkle sparkle red grapes

main course.. well-done grill lamb spine.. huhu T-bone la..  
my T-bone.. wallah.. mmg enak! mushrooms underneath the T-bone is superb delicious..

Well-done Rib eye steak.. gile mahal.. tapi mmg fresh dan sedap!!
org yg dirai bermuka hepi 
the cupcake  
-red velvet buttermilk cupcake- came with the berthday song.. haha en Ijad's face became so red like tomato.. he said this is his 1st time org sing a bedday song for him publicly.. :p haha suweet kan ur wife..
complementary dessert.. a very big love2 strawberry macaroons.. yummy sgt.. sweet and sour altogether.. 

the macaroons
we didnt know how to eat the macaroons.. thus, this is what happened.. haha.. hancoq la macaroons tu jadiknye.. hentam sajelah.. we're still in Malaysia..

from his point of view.. i'm his lovely, loyal, beloved wife (wah masok bakol angkat sendrik)

from my point of view.. he is my nonexchangeable-wif-anything-on-earth husband.. the one that i truly deeply in love wif.. no matter what other people think of him.. he is still my number one.. i luv u beby..
(he was alternately had cigars with meals.. how lucky i am :p)

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