Wednesday, September 28, 2011

dokter cakap

yesterday, i went to a regular clinic for itchy2 treatment.. then i requested a referral letter for a primary infertality consultation at one of gov hospital.. (eventho tmrrow i hv an appointment wif az-zahrah ONG specialist, i dont think i'm going)

the dr asked me about how long hav i been married, my period cycle, my blood pressure (which i dont know whether its low or high and i just said 'ok kot', then she realised that she need to use the readiness invented high technology machine called  sphygmomanometer or in simple word blood pressure meter)

then she asked me to lie down on the gurney..raba2 against my tummy and said U R OBESE!, THE FAT AROUND UR TUMMY PINCHING THE FALLOPIAN  TUBE, BLOCKING THE SPERM TRAVELLING MOVEMENT! u need to remove at least 5kgs!!!! 


she then asked about my weight.. err in this clinic there is no high tech machine called alat penimbang berat??

then she wrote on the requested letter that the patient is slightly OBESE!!! 

2nd DANG! 

ok, FINE! let's sapu dr johnson slimming cream extra hot perri-perri semula kat tummy! 5kgs huh?

extra note: she is about 55-60 years old........ should kerajaan increase the pension age limit then???  

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