Tuesday, January 18, 2011

nescafe tekan2

my job scope for this year is to make sure that we have the nescafe tekan2 machine for our crashlab when the crashlab is fully operated.. the machine must operate such that it is free for team members but not for customer.. wow!

as i working as a researcher, i did a survey and there are 2 types of machine serving nescafe tekan2 in the market currently..

one of it is the nescafe machine similar with the one we already have in our library.. but this one doesn't have the vend! how can we make money with this? and it needs daily maintenance including refill the nescafe/coffee/milo/tea and wash the tray.. otherwise, lipas might hurung and habeskan our milo before we did.. the problem is, our crashlab is not even near to the HQ and not everyday got people there.. hurm2..
pic source: water care

the second type is the real vending machine with cup.. this one i haven't try, the taste and the maintenance system.. so cannot comment more on it.. hayyo.. anione have any idea?

pic source: ilyani.net


  1. yg mesin tekan2 macam kat redbox tu sedapp dear... mocha dia mabelesss...

  2. dan manis die mmg kaw pnye ah kan.. hehe


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