Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

My Dream iPad Application

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iPad is more useful if they provide this kind of application, which none of smart-phone or any other smart gadget has offered.. which is:

spectacle locator

nowadays, about 50% of the world population wear glasses.. and imagine just how many of them had lost their glasses in a month..being stepped upon, snapped, lost, lost and then found again, with a screw missing and broken leg or worse still, missing. No-one had even looked at them! Worst case, the owner can't or didn't remember where they put them. with poor, blurry vision, they couldn't find their glasses and just simply stepped upon them.

proposed application?
invent a radar type of system that can detect glass or steel or the whole set of glasses.benefits?
it is very useful for person with poor vision to locate their glasses.
sure thing, with this application invented, not only youngsters will buy this iPad, even pensioners/elders and also nenek2 will buy an iPad as it helps them to locate their spectacles. percayalah korunk!!

for those have not yet have an iPad from Maxis, here some info for you guys.. hope u'll teruja and bought one today!!

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please enlarge :D

Tak paham? click here for more on Maxis iPad plan bro: .. yeyeahhhhh...

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