Friday, October 8, 2010


Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) launched its Love Life campaign (bln 9 ritu) together with PLUS Expressways Bhd, which is aimed at generating greater road safety awareness through music.

They distributed 5000 cd's featuring 12 Malaysian artists mendendangkan pop-tempo (??!!) theme song entitle LOVE LIFE.. hebat2.. this is a new initiative venturing into social marketing instead of traditional means of road safety campaigns (iklan yg ckp anda mampu mengubahnye yg tk berubah2 tu)..

"The fact that the passing of subliminal messages through songs and music in the case of Love Life focused on road safety awareness – has also been proven to have had an effective impact and can result in a positive vibe on the subconscious minds of motorists and influencing their behaviors, actions and attitudes."said the KP.

but, worryingly.. after raya the campaign rate seems when down and i never heard the songs been played on any radio stations. may be because of me was not in Malaysia for 2 weeks during raya? maybe.. hope that my guess is definitely correct so that the media assessment & advocacy unit do need not to worry about this.. (finger-cross :|)

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