Thursday, October 14, 2010

further studygenousis

owh UKM December intake is open olready.. shud i or shud i not taking this challenge of mastering my just ordinary degree?? uh if the answer is definitely a YES! and followed by the background song of repetitive I SHOULD!! I SHOULD!! what else do i have to resist this temptation?? ahaks terbelahaks!

the matter in hands now is shud i further by research or by course works??? uhh haven't decided it yet! for 2 years keep thinking of this one problem.. very the problematic lah.. i'm working as a researcher but research is not in my blood nor in my gene.. how come?? don't ask me that Q..

need to do some ground work on pros and cons of both.. haih.. tunjukkan lah jalan yang Engkau Redhai YA Allah..


  1. kalu part time amik course work lah senang sket... research byk guna masa nk cari material.. susah gak aa master, serious tk sama degree dolu... tp once dh start ok kot.. good luck dlot!

  2. aku tak tgk pon kat UKM tu tade course work tok mechy :| hahaha ade tesis jek.. aaa tensi2

  3. wat la kt upm lot.. huhuhu faculty engin ade tasek... agak2 tensi leh terjun dlm tasek.. lol

  4. fac eng kat UKM ade tasik bersih lagik :p hehe mechy nnt kne wat ngan bos aku.. tak mau


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