Friday, August 6, 2010

i LUV pink contest!!

aha.. i luv blogging contest olready.. this one is powered by PinkyGirlTalk


do i need to explain this pic ? hehe.. obviously.. the happiest ever day in my life.. married with sumone who love me very2 very much.. my BEBY!! weeeewittt... hiks

actually i hate pink and never imagine that i gonna wore pink on my big day!! but then, this lucky champ, my late fiance, who is now is my lovely hubby forced me to choose pink for our wedding reception.. huhu maluuuuu ok!! NOW, i'm addicted to pink olready ma.. ayyoyo.. help helped!!more pics to share tapi not for the contest.. hehe


  1. wow, sgt pink ok.
    thanx join ya.
    gud luck too~

  2. ya! sbb die sgt pink! u must select me as the winner.. haha


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