Tuesday, July 27, 2010


bergymba 450 kcal today.. wee.. didnt feel tired at all.. went to MIROS exhibition at seimens fair.. was (lari) earlier than others.. haha.. @ 4pm already arrived at the gym.. hihiks.. bersemangat!!

but at seimens fair.. tertaksub with ogawa booth.. (which is exactly beside our booth).. terbeli this massaging (refer pic) tool.. deng!! it was due to the effectiveness of this tool to make me go to toilet after usage... haha.. terpedaya ok!! plus it has far-infrared technology!! slimming effect!! haha

story morry about far-infrared, the 4 step shape slimming belt is going to be arrived soon (please click HERE)!! only 10 left!! hurry people!! only rm 45 + rm 6 postage per piece.. (psst.. org lain jual rm 60-80 tau.. uhuks!!)

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