Sunday, July 18, 2010

camne nak kurus neh??

akak abg..

most of us think that we need to do sumthin extreme to lose weight.. and everyone wanna achieve their target ASAP..actually the key is burn the calories that u consumed.. but then, we've lived in this world for more than 20 years.. and no burning happened so far.. thus, extra work needed..

SO.. we need to burn MORE calories than we consume.. :) but do it secara BERPADA2

akak/abg who are never done anything physical will feel tired if the 1st time they straight jump into running milesss a day or do high energy exercise.. this will melemahkan semangat akak abg or the worst; will put you off trying to lose weight.. the art of getting started with exercise is do it step by step.. slowly.. comfortably.. and consistently..

SO.. lets get started before its tooooo late!!

cheapest exercise: no money needed!!cth: jogs @ taman2 segar nyaman

or a small amount of money needed: roll ball..

or get urself a mountain bike (alwes in my dream but not enuf RM)

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