Saturday, July 24, 2010

body fat!!

i've more than 32% of body fat.. haish.. obes olready!! some action taken needed!!

to reduce our body fat percentage, we require a calorie ristricted diet..mixed in with exercise to built muscle.. woweee jadik bo(b)dy-builder.. huks..

here some tips and instruction to reduce body fat..

1. dont choose/ focus on only 1 part of your body to lose yucky fatss..
2. eating fatty foods doesnt increase ur body fat percentage.. but consume excessive calories
3. inportant is: to diminish yucky fats in our body are reducing calories intake and burning calories with exercise
4. the BEST exercise: running, cycling, swimming but not sit-up or crunch..
5. musle tissue burn more yucky fat thus should include gooooodd strength training routine to build more muscle.. and burn even more calories!!
6. so? get off your lazy butt!! get moving and get start from now!!

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