Thursday, July 22, 2010

at last, i've bought a weighing scale

today is gaji day!! thus, i went to to buy a digital weighing scale for myself.. i've been eying this scale for quite sometimes..

the retail price was rm 189 which i'm sure i can't afford it no matter what.. the salesgirl persuade me into registering membership which incur rm 30 yearly fees to get member price at rm 79.. uh uh.. no way!!

i called my families and frens to try my luck.. mane tau kan kalo one of them may have member card.. huhu.. turn out that nobody pick up their phone..

i went back to office and rush to my fren's desk for cosway card number.. went back to the store after opishour but found out that my fren's card only got 2 points.. they need 3!!! NGOI!

i smile childishly, poyoly, like adorable little kitty (as if) and asked the salesgirl to help by using her card id.. hehe!! great! it really works!! u all need to try sumtimes! it helps tho!!

TQ veryvery yummy muchas gracias to that kindhearted salesgirl!! great job!!

finally, the scale is set and ready to be use in our 3rd room.. yippiee...

current body analysis:
52.3, 2.1, 1533, 39.3 (over), 28.0 (terkurang), 73.8..

last time @ senawang 75?? for real??

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